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Tesla Sells Cybertruck

Sep 27, 2023

Don't worry pets, the branding iron is designed for food, wood or leather products

Tesla fans have plenty of options when it comes to accessories featuring the logo of their favorite brand. While a Tesla-branded cap will do it for most people, the company’s official e-shop in China has more unusual products including a cat litter box that is shaped after the Cybertruck, and a branding iron with a T-Stamp.

Starting with the pet-friendly offering, it is designed to meet the “natural and daily needs of cats”. The product is entirely made of cardboard, but its angular design and flat surfaces are inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck.

The 5-layer thick corrugated cardboard inside is moisture-proof and perfect for scratching, while the 3-layer semi-open body is sturdy enough for our little friends. The litter box has a capacity of 15 kg (33 pounds), which is more than enough to cover any unwanted smells from your cat’s waste. Tesla’s cat litter box is listed for ¥89 ($12.4), although you will need some DIY work in order to assemble it.

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Moving on to the branding iron, it may be inspired by the Tesla Cyber Rodeo event but thankfully it is not designed to be used on livestock – or humans. Instead, it is intended to mark burger patties, bread, wood, or leather goods with the Tesla logo. The head measures 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter and is made of hand-finished stainless steel. It is connected to a black handle made of beech wood.

The EV-maker warns users to be careful while heating the tool and keep it away from children (and cats we suppose). The company also advises them to wear protective clothing while using the branding iron so they avoid a permanent Tesla tattoo. The maximum heating temperature is 176°C (349°F), enough to leave burn marks on most materials.

The Tesla branding iron is available in limited numbers so interested parties should hurry up and place their order. Predictably, it is more expensive than the cat litter box, selling for ¥480 (around $68).

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