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Kourtney Kardashian shows off skimpy $9K outfit made of ‘lamb leather’ despite star boasting about her vegan lifestyle

Sep 13, 2023

KOURTNEY Kardashian has shown off her baby bump while wearing a $9,000 outfit.

The soon-to-be mom-of-four posed in the all-blue outfit on Instagram.

On Saturday, Kourtney, 44, walked around her mega mansion in Los Angeles, California.

In the first three pics, the Lemme founder stood in front of a giant painting while wearing a blue ensemble.

On top, she wore a long-sleeved oversized cropped jacket with fur on the front and a tall collar filled with zippers.

On the bottom, Travis Barker's wife stunned in a matching super short skirt while matching the outfit with a pair of silver heels.

She captioned her post with several blue emojis.

In the last photo, Kourtney showed off her back while walking down a flight of stairs.

Despite Kourt's vegan lifestyle, the outfit is made out of animal skin.

In the outfit description on the website, the material of the top is made out of 100 percent lamb leather and "contains non-textile parts of animal origin."

Meanwhile, the skirt is made out of 100% shearling - which is also processed lambskin.

Kourt's blog, Poosh, labels the media mogul as "(mostly, like 95%) vegan."

The outlet said Kourtney has gone meat-free and is easing into the lifestyle without strictly holding herself to a specific diet.

"If you're thinking about becoming vegan, you can make the shift in small waves if that's easier for you," the blog reads.

"Start by replacing meat with plant-based options once a week and increase from there."

Poosh continued: "Kourt admits when she first started, she couldn't resist and had a baked crab handroll while at dinner during the first few weeks."

Travis has been vegetarian since his teenage years and switched over to vegan life after he survived a plane crash in 2008.

Aside from trying to eat entirely plant-based, Kourt has been known to remove things like gluten, sugar, and dairy from her diet.

Although it's not something she follows strictly, Kourtney opts to eat mostly organic foods.

"Indulging every once in a while is self-care," Kourtney said via Poosh.

"Whether you follow a strict diet or not, we all deserve days off. No guilt and no boundaries."

Kourtney also eats a ketogenic diet on and off, which consists of low-carb and high-protein meals.

In the past, Kourtney's family has been slammed for having animal-skinned products in their closet.

In April, PETA demanded that the Kardashians hand over their rare fur and exotic animal-skinned goods - being sold on their second-hand clothing site - so that they can be distributed to the homeless.

In the past, the reality TV family sold dozens of controversial items on their online store Kardashian Kloset, but the animal activism charity said they would be better off going to those in need.

The worst culprit is Kourtney's sister, Kim, who had 13 products for sale - including mink fur coats, python-skinned skirts, and crocodile handbags worth thousands of dollars.

This comes after the star denounced fur in 2019 and claimed she would be wearing "vegan fur" from then on.

She was called to action by PETA supporter Pamela Anderson, who wrote an open letter pleading for her "to set a trendy, compassionate example" to her fans.

Momager Kris Jenner, 67, has 12 items up for grabs such as black snakeskin Brian Atwood heels and a Dolce and Gabbana leopard print marmot fur coat with a silver fox fur collar, worth $8,995.

Incredibly, the website boasts that the Kardashian-Jenners are selling their hand-me-down goods and freebie gifts from designers to "promote sustainability."

Now, PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - wants the expensive rare-skinned clothing and handbags sent to the organization, so it can use them to educate people and distribute them to the needy.

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told The U.S. Sun exclusively in a statement: "Nothing can undo the suffering of foxes, minks, snakes, and alligators who were killed to make a jacket or a pair of shoes, but the Kardashians can still do some good with these items.

"PETA has called on this family — which has so much — to donate them to us for use in educational displays and to distribute to unhoused people, refugees, and others in tremendous need."

Kim, 42, made the decision to give up fur after being harassed by animal rights campaigners and even once being flour-bombed by a PETA advocate at an event.

Long-time vegan and former Baywatch star Pam sent Kim a faux mink coat and a letter, which read: "Kim, I know your young fans would admire you and your brand even more if you dropped fur."

Since then, the Hulu star has proclaimed several times on social media that she is now only wearing fake fur, saying in one 2019 Instagram post: "Fun fact - I took all of my fave furs and remade them in faux fur."

Yet her online wardrobe includes a $1,275 D&G Cognac croc leather mini-bag with taupe Astrakhan fur.

Fans can also purchase a $1,515 Gucci short fur jacket and a $1,995 Frank Tell fur coat, while Kim is also trying to unload three fur handbags including two vintage Gucci Ivory mink fur pearl clutch bags, which even have a long fur tail, for $3,145.

To add to the list, the Skims founder is selling three pairs of snake-skinned high heels from Amina Muaddi.

Last month, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that California cannot ban the sale of alligator and crocodile products, finalizing a suit that began over three years ago.

While the state has had a ban on selling alligator meat and skins for more than five decades, it allows exemptions for certain fashion products.

California's ban on the sale and manufacturing of new animal fur products did take effect in 2022 - the first state to take such a step in a bid to end the fur trade.

It's important to note that the Kardashians have not broken any laws by selling their vintage items.

Meanwhile, the fashion industry has continued to turn its back on the use of fur and exotic skins.

Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Versace are just a few of the major brands that have now ditched fur.

Donatella Versace previously said in 2018: "I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right."