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IHÄNA Outlet opens in downtown Shakopee

May 22, 2023

IHÄNA Outlet recently opened in downtown Shakopee, offering artisanal products within a more affordable price range.

The Native- and veteran-owned store opened last week at 120 First Avenue E. downtown and is open seven days a week.

John Jacobson, CEO of IHÄNA Global, said the COVID-19 pandemic caused billions worth of products to be backed up in the country for about three years, resulting in the need for outlet stores to distribute these products.

Searching for a location that could double as an outlet store and an office space led Jacobson and staff to stumble upon the downtown Shakopee site.

“We chose Shakopee because the model of the store for us is Main Street, delivering value to communities and passing down value of new products to smaller Main Street towns that don’t have access to all these other goods,” Jacobson added.

The store specializes in a variety of goods and products, including candles, home decorations, furniture, diffusers, essential oils, blankets and woven goods, artisanal serveware and food.

The products offered at IHÄNA Outlet range from 40-80% off retail, according to Jacobson.

“It’s quality and price — that and being able to deliver a personalized gift shop experience without sacrificing quality and price,” he said makes IHÄNA Outlet stand apart from other stores.

Also unique to IHÄNA Outlet’s model is its ability to offer classes. The Shakopee site has an additional space toward the back of the store that will be dedicated to hosting various classes for customers.

These will include charcuterie classes, in which customers can pay a one-time fee to enjoy complimentary wine and learn to build and design their own charcuterie boards using boards and various foods and products offered within the store. Participants are then able to take everything from the class home with them.

IHÄNA Outlet is also partnering with Bittner’s Bakery, with staff members helping to run these classes. Cupcake decorating classes are also being considered among additional class ideas for the future.

Jacobson said he looks to have the first of many classes start up in about a month.

While Shakopee now serves at IHÄNA Outlet’s headquarters, Jacobson said plans are in the works to create approximately eight outlet locations throughout the Twin Cities metro. A downtown Hopkins site is currently next in the works, he added.

“Shakopee feels like home to us, so that’s why we chose this as our flagship place to start,” Jacobson said. “It’s all about the community for us. We want to be involved with local businesses and partnerships and just give back as many times as we can.”

The store also looks to have a grand opening scheduled for sometime in October.

“As the community is growing, we want them to utilize us as an outlet for procuring items for their spaces and just know that there is an option here where they don’t have to go to some ‘big box’ store,” Jacobson said. “We just really want to be a place where people can come and have fun, be part of the community, be a treasure hunt while also delivering great value.”

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