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PRINTING United Expo Products Spotlight: Matik SEI Laser LabelMaster

Nov 25, 2023

(Editor's note: This review of the Matik SEI Laser LabelMaster, which will debut at the upcoming PRINTING United Expo, kicks off an ongoing series from longtime industry consultant David Zwang providing his rundown of "Must See" products that will be on the show floor.)

If you are not familiar with SEI, they produce laser marking systems, laser cutting systems, OEM laser systems, laser label converting, laser paper converting, textile converting, and laser backlight processing. They specialize in Laser systems for visual communication, graphic arts, paper converting, labeling, flexible packaging, folding carton, fashion, interior design, furnishing. In essence, they are ‘the’ Lasers in production experts. There aren’t many exhibitors who can touch the expanse of applications shown at Printing United 2023, but Matik SEI Laser is definitely one that stands out.

Matik SEI Laser LabelMaster

In the booth, for the first time at Printing United, they will be showing their LabelMaster, the fastest continuous feed CO2 laser system in the market. It can perform Laser based processes including cutting, scoring, marking, micro-perforating, versioning and other types of personalization, all inline in a single pass. The processes can be combined with other digital or conventional processes like varnishing, laminating, hot foil stamping, slitting and more. It is available with up to four lasers in 13” or 24” widths. The LabelMaster can physically support production up to 120 mpm, (350 fpm), but obviously it depends on the square inches of what it is cutting. Processable materials include: paper, PP, BOPP, PET., which cover a wide range of label product requirements, with immediate changeover and no die required. All of this with CCD camera for register cutting with print marker recognition. It also supports a 360° rotary axis unit for engraving and/or cutting on cylindrical items.

However, in my estimation, one of the most important things about LabelMaster is that it is a modular system that can be customized and upgraded as new modules are introduced to meet specific requirements.

While they couldn’t possibly bring every type of laser processing system they have, they are also bringing the Mercury Wide-Format Laser Cutting and Marking system. This 63 in. wide plotter will be shown cutting acrylic, although it's a very flexible platform that can cut PMMA, acetates, ABS, plastics, micanite, wood, leather, paper, cardboard and textiles. It can also be used for marking on glass and marble (excluding PVC and polycarbonate), as well as thin ferrous and not ferrous metals. This will address most of the product applications being shown at Printing United.

While the Mercury Wide-Format operating at 2 Gs of acceleration is one of the fastest plotters available, it isn’t as fast as their X-Wave platform, the fastest plotter in the world, which is operating at 10 Gs of acceleration. This makes it four to five times faster than a traditional zone style plotter. However SEI has a wide range of Laser systems tailored to a wide range of applications and price levels.

You need to go to the booth to see how cool and fast laser processing is!

David Zwang