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Google Unveils New AI Chip and Tools for Businesses

Jun 19, 2023

Artificial intelligence is mushrooming into every industry and field. We are all aware of the capability of AI by this moment, the only question left to be answered is how well it can be applied to any exertion, whether it be a daily task or an organization operation. Due to this, many large corporations are competing to integrate AI into every conceivable field in order to increase production. Now Google unveils AI chip and enhanced tools targeting enterprises thereby ruling a market against its rival company Microsoft. The company announced about its AI-tools during the Google Next Conference 2023 held at San Francisco.

The conference motto is to unveil its forthcoming products and services wherein the company also introduced a new tool that can do watermark and has capability of spotting AI-generated images.

Google has prepared to launch Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) which is widely known as TPU v5e. The newly introducing AI chip is intended to handle the output generated through these models and train the large models. In contrast to its older versions TPU v4 presented back in 2021, this TPU v5e is twice the faster. Alongside this TPU, Google has announced A3 virtual machines that will be available market from next month. This machine will feature in Nividia H100 GPUs next generation. The company also announced the early adoption of TPU v5e and A3 virtual machines is Antropohic a startup company.

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