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The 7 Best Laptop Bags, From Stylish Totes To Durable Backpacks

Aug 18, 2023

Our laptops are undeniably valuable, rivaling only the importance of essentials like eight hours of sleep, cherished brunch spots and the company of friends and family. To keep them safe, we rely on the best laptop bags crafted from top-notch, quality materials. Although historically they might not have scored five stars in the style department, they have evolved and now the market offers more fashionable options than ever before.

If you’re looking to safeguard your laptop and stay stylish at the same time, explore our curated list. Our top picks–the best laptop bags in the game–are from reputable brands like Calpak, Beis and Dagne Dover, all of which have passed our wearability, durability, and functionality tests with flying colors.

We can’t decide what’s more impressive: the high-quality, durable material, the removable laptop sleeve (with ample pockets for organization) or the spacious interior. The point is, we’re absolutely obsessed and would like this bag in every color.

This looks like a purse, and technically you could use it as one, but shoppers say this laptop bag is big enough to fit several laptops (yup, more than one), accessories, paperwork and even a travel monitor. So if you’re looking for a tote that can accommodate all the things, this bestseller on Amazon is it.

Imagine realizing your dress has pockets. That’s the feeling you’ll get when you discover that this up-cycled backpack has five of them, including a mesh sleeve to keep your laptop secure—because same.

What’s not to love about a sleek backpack that not only has a compartment big enough for a 15-inch laptop but also has separate nooks for your cellphone and passport, and gym clothes (and the list goes on)? And if you’re not feeling it in saddle tan, you can grab it in eight additional colors.

It’s more than what meets the eye with this compact nylon tote, as it can hold up to a 13-inch laptop, shoes, water bottles and much more. And because it features a padded laptop sleeve, your electronic devices will be safe and secure.

If there were ever a take your bag to work holiday, trust us, this is the one your co-workers would never stop talking about. Compliments? There would be too many to count. But we’d bet they’d love the good-looking design, adjustable shoulder strap and full zip closure as much as we do.

If you love traditional tote bags but aren’t crazy about the open-top design that allow for easy access, this one is for you. It comes with a zipper closure and crossbody strap to keep your items close by and secure.